Creative Services Offered



YOUnique Designs offers a wide variety of Creative Services, for small businesses and individual consumers. The creative services offered include Graphic Design, Illustration, Photography & Photo Editing, Website Design, Custom Portraits, and Content Creation and Management.

Do you own a small business? Do you need help getting your product or services known to your customers? Well, the creative services offered by YOUnique Designs is a great resource for you. We can create a wide variety of digital and physical assets to help you grow your business. Creative services we offer cover your small business needs from logo creation, branding materials, marketing materials, merchandise design and production.

If you don’t own a small business, I still have plenty of creative services offered to you. Do you have a creative idea you need transformed from your mind to a tangible object? I offer several creative services including Illustrations, Photography & Photo Editing and Custom Portraits that will help you bring your idea into the world. Weather you have an idea in your mind, sample photos, or need photography services I can assist in any part of the process and print the creative asset on 150 different products.

If you don’t see the creative service offered that you need, please reach out to me and ask for a quote. I am constantly working on new services to offer, and I have a network of creative people I work with who might offer the creative services you need.


Graphic Design Services

Logo Design, Flyers, Brochures, Banners, Business Cards, and Posters

Graphic Design Services Offered


Illustration Services

Spot, Half Page, Full Page, Spread, Cover Design, Cover Wrap, and Book Design.

Illustration Services Offered


Photography & Photo Editing Services

Portrait Photography

Photo Editing Services – Edit, Retouch, Background Removal and Advanced.

Photography & Photo Editing Services Offered


Custom Portraits Services

Any subject matter!

Drawing, Watercolor Painting, Oil Painting, Marker, Illustration, Pen & Ink, Vintage, and Impasto.


Printing Services

Custom Printing Services on over 150 different products!

Custom Printing Services


Website Design Services

WordPress Design & Development

WordPress Website Design Services Offered


Content & Creation Managment Services

Writing Services

Editing & Proofreading

Social Media Managment

Design Services

Content & Creation Managment Services Offered