Photo Tips

General Photo Tips

I can work with any image, here is a list of are some photo tips to create a wonderful portrait.

  • Try and send me the best photo possible!
  • Select a high-resolution photo, direct from the camera. Try to avoid screenshots or images shared on social media.
  • Make sure the focus is sharp, and not blurry..
  • Shot in good light with no strong shadows (outdoors is great)
  • Try to be close up to that we can see the details, but not too close to crop out important features.

As I stated before these are just photo tips or guidelines. However, I can use any image, but the quality of the final portrait is a direct reflection of the original image you send. If you have any questions about our image or these photo tips, please reach out to me.

If you are unsure how your image will look, I offer a “Try Before You Buy” option. When you purchase this option for $5 you will receive a preview of what your image would look like for a specific artistic variation. If you would like multiple artistic variations, you will need to purchase multiple “Try Before You Buy” listings. I do not offer any background options or edits on this listing. If you like the preview, you can purchase the original listing and I would perform any edits, or background you would want to your image. When you purchase the original listing, I will refund you the $5 for the Try Before You Buy option.